(Please write a one page “Double Spaced Times Roman Font” on ONE of the following topics or you may create an 8-10 slide Power Point presentation.  You must write in your own words and you cannot copy direct sources from the web without citing the web site. You can submit a copy to me or you can send the assignment as an attachment to my email address (mark.gachalian@sanpasqualunion.net).


    1. Why is it important to get good sleep?
    2. Who is your favorite role model athlete.  What makes this person so special?
    3. Why is it important to eat a healthy balanced meal.  Please include the food pyramid (grains, vegetables, fruits, meat, and milk).
    4. Why is it important to be physically active?
    5. Design a one week workout routine. Please include what you will eat Monday-Friday and what exercises you plan on doing each day.
    6. Create a modified game or physical activity.  Explain the rules, equipments, objective, grade level, and how to teach this game. 
    7. Why is good Sportsmanship important?  What does Sportsmanship teach us?
    8. What movie best exemplifies Pride, Honor and Determination?
    9. How can you motivate someone to be physically active?
    10. Studies have shown that students who are physically active tend to do well academically.  Click on this Article link and write a response.