Preschool Mission & Philosophy

  • Mission
    To reach out to our community, sow the seeds of education in our young children, nourish their development socially, intellectually, physically and emotionally and grow them into vibrant, healthy contributors to our world. 


    San Pasqual Union School's Preschool fulfills the vision of SPU to provide quality Pre-Kindergarten education for the residents of San Pasqual Union School District. SPU Preschool is not a daycare but an advanced, early-start curriculum designed to give your child a head start in Kindergarten.  The program is created by the staff at SPU and is designed to integrate with programs for Kindergarten and beyond at San Pasqual Union School.  The classroom is in a convenient location on campus, with classes taught by certified teachers and qualified aides.

    This child-centered preschool program is a place where every child can grow and flourish at his/her own natural pace of development. The environment is safe, warm, nurturing, and rich with sensory experiences.  We provide opportunities for development in all domains (cognitive, social, emotional, fine and gross motor, and perceptual).  Curricular areas are integrated through on-going projects and investigations that follow the natural curiosities and interests of the children, as well as teacher selected units of study designed to help children meet adopted Pre-K standards in preparation for kindergarten.

    The program focuses on:

    • Social Development
    • Character Development
    • Language Development
    • Problem Solving and Logical Reasoning
    • Scientific Inquiry
    • Sensory Exploration
    • Development of a healthy self-concept and self-esteem