• Our Mission

    Our Kids • Our Future

    Our “Little School in the Valley” needs YOU!

     Greetings, San Pasqual Union School families!

    We begin this school year with

     much to celebrate, but with challenges to tackle as well.


     We are grateful to our exceptional teachers and

     administration for creating positive, safe learning

     environments and a culture of strong character

     values for our children. Consistently among the

     highest scoring schools in California, we continue to

     meet our goals for school excellence.


     But we are challenged:

     The state and federal fiscal crisis still looms over

     us creating bigger deficits for funding programs that

     we deem essential to our children's balanced development.


     The hard truth is that without our Foundation's

     fundraising efforts essential programs such as

     Music and Physical Education would be

     lost. Our small school depends on financial

     contributions from our student families by way of

     the Foundation to keep these programs available to our students.


     We must raise just under $100,000 this year to

     keep these operational. With 344 families

     serviced by SPUSD, if each can contribute only

     $290 this year, we will meet this important goal.

     That averages to less than $25 per month (12

     month), or $6.25 per week, (less than the cost of

     one 'Happy Meal' at the drive thru per week!

     When broken down like this, can we agree that

     our children's Music and P.E. programs are worth much more than that?


     Can we depend on YOUR fiscal support this

     year? We graciously thank you in advance for

     your generous portion for the school

     year. Your contributions are 100% tax deductible

     and tremendously appreciated!

Last Modified on January 14, 2017