•  Red Barn Art- Performing Arts/Music Program

    "Music is not a toy for a very few selected people...music is spiritual food for everyone."-Zoltan Kodaly

    Program Purpose/Focus- 
    The Red Barn Arts Performing Arts/Music Program's (TK-8) provide:
    1. Venues for students to express themselves
    2.  Foster capabilities to think creatively and to make connections
    3.  Develop aesthetic awareness
    4.  Teach artistic skills without making them primary
    5. Help students develop as individuals
    6. Provide ways for students to pursue an understanding of the world
    7. Provide a standards-based curriculum that  incorporates Kodaly's method (hear the music first, then sing the music, understand the music, read and write music and finally create music). Singing is the major instrument and all children can sing and be successful. Orff instruments, rhythm instruments, keyboards, recorders and drums will also be used to deepen student's learning experience.  
    The Red Barn Arts Performing Arts/Music Program will provide equal access to quality standards-based music instruction to students in grades K-8. Dance, theater and visual arts will be used to provide connections and enrichment to the music program.
    The Red Barn Arts Performing Arts/Music Program will develop students into life-time consumers of music. Students will develop historic and cultural understanding of music, and the ability to use music as a tool of expression-either vocally, instrumentally, or through dance.
     Program History-
    Red Barn Arts Performing Arts/Music Program was started nine years ago and has since become part of a district board-approved strategic arts plan which includes a middle school choir and plans for a middle school band.
    Program Events-
    Weekly K-8 Music Classes, Winter Concert, Spring Concert, Holiday Caroling at CCAE, KUSI "Songs of the Holidays", Music in the Parks Competition,  Dinner Theatre Night/Musical
    Community Connections/Partnerships/Sponsors-
    Red Barn Arts Performing Arts/Music Program is sponsored by generous donations from SPU Foundation. 
    Partnerships: San Diego Arts Network, Arts Empower, AERO, California Center for the Arts, Escondido, The Southern California Arts Project
    Red Barn Arts Performing Arts/Music Program Director-
    Kim Read-Smith- General Music K-8 & Middle School Choir Instructor

    Contact Red Barn Arts Performing/Music Program
    Kim Read-Smith
    760.745.4931 x1604 
    Mrs. Read-Smith is in her 9th year of teaching music here at San Pasqual and in her eighteenth year of teaching at this district. She teaches general music to grades K-5, 6-8 choir and VAPA, and 6th grade History/ELA. Mrs. Read-Smith is thrilled with the district's commitment to bring music to San Pasqual. Mrs. Read-Smith uses the state-adopted Silver Burdett curriculum. She uses Orff instruments, rhythm instruments, keyboard, drums, vocal, theater, and dance experiences to educate and inspire her students.  Mrs. Read-Smith's philosophy is that of Kodaly, "Music belongs to everyone."