San Pasqual Union School District

        San Pasqual Middle School Choir        

Mrs. Read-Smith, director


Rehearsal Times:

·        Choir rehearsal will begin September 1, 2015.

·        Choir practice will be held in Room 201 every Tuesday from 3:10-4:00.


Objective: The goal of this choir is to teach students to become better and more confident singers and to develop an appreciation for vocal music.


Syllabus: Demonstrate proper singing posture, demonstrate expanded rib cage breathing, demonstrate breath support, demonstrate correct tone production, blend and balance with the choir when singing, demonstrate knowledge of musical terms and symbols, listen to self and be able to self-critique.



·        Come to choir with water and a pencil. Get your folder and be in your seats by 3:10.

·        Three or more unexcused absences per trimester will result in removal from the choir.

·        Any unexcused absence at a performance will also result in removal from the choir.

·        If you are sick an e-mail or a call from a parent will excuse you.



Dec. 15: Winter Choir Concert, 6pm
May 19: Spring Choir Concert performed at Open House at 5:30
May 7: Competition at Disneyland
June 2: Choir Musical-Dinner Theater


Dress Etiquette:

Choir members will wear our choir T-shirts, dark pants, and dark shoes for all shows unless otherwise specified. No dangling or hoop earrings are allowed at performances. No head bands at performances. Hair should be pulled away from the face and not cover student’s eyes. Any unusual hair style or hair color that draws attention to an individual is detrimental to our total team effort and will not be allowed at performances.


Practice Time:

Practice time may be required with an accompaniment CD. Here are some tips for practicing:

·        Stand, don’t sit

·        Set up a regular practice time

·        Find an area that is free from distractions     

·        Practice order: warm-up, vocal exercises, repertoire, choreography (if any)

·        Suggestions: take private lessons, listen to professional recordings, work on your repertoire


Please refer to the district VAPA website at for updated information and news: