San Pasqual Union School District History

  • The Birth of a District
    This one school district has faithfully served the residents of the San Pasqual Valley since 1918. Initially there were two schools - one on the east end of the valley, and one on the west. The two schools were combined in 1918 when a growing population required more than just one teacher in a one-room schoolhouse. With the combining of the schools, the San Pasqual Union School District was born.

    The Expansion of a Two-Room School
    A two-room school was built in 1923 and was sufficient to serve the population until 1970 when an additional 10 classrooms were added. With the explosion of growth from the Eagle Crest/Rancho San Pasqual homes, 8 portable classrooms were added in 1997. A year later four classrooms were built at the Wild Animal Park to form the Annex.

    Modernized Facilities
     In 2011, San Pasqual Union School District, completed our 10th year in the new $15 million 26 acre school on Rockwood Road. This new school features a full service library, a multi-purpose room big enough to house athletic events as well as drama and music programs, and a new primary grades facility complete with separate play areas and after-school programs. Modern facilities for art, science, and technology complete the master plan.
    Steeped in Tradition
    We are proud of our traditions. We enjoy the benefits of small classes, dedicated teachers and staff members, high state test scores, and a varied academic program in junior high. It is the students, the teachers, and the staff -- as well as our supportive community of parents -- which make our school a very special place to be.
    Geared toward the Future
    The mission of SPUSD is not just to prepare students for careers or to only give knowledge to students. Our goal is to help channel knowledge to develop a student's capacity to live with dignity and purpose, to enable a student to judge wisely, and to act responsibly in matters of life and conduct. The core of the District's mission is to nurture in each student the desire to contribute and to make meaning out of life.