• Red Barn Arts (V.A.P.A.) Program- Strategic Arts Education Plan

    Strategic Arts Plan Beginnings-

    A group of committed teachers and parents met together to discuss what we wanted/needed. The group contacted SDAN and TCAP and attended their conferences to see what other districts were doing, what was happening in arts education on a state and national level, and what tools were available. They met with administration to push the need for a district strategic plan and how being a part of Arts Empower would benefit our district.  
    Red Barn Arts Committee-
    • One Board member
    • The Superintendent/principal, vice principal
    • Two VAPA teachers
    • Parents who have degrees in the arts and parents who are arts professionals
    Strategic Arts Plan Collaboration-
    Helena Hannah of TCAP worked with a group of teachers, administration, and “arts parents” to write a 5-year district strategic arts education plan. It took 5 sessions to complete. Our district plan was approved and put in place by the board of education this past spring. 
    Strategic Arts Plan Progress- 
    We have already found that having a board approved district plan has been the “glue” that has bonded and brought together administration, teachers, and parents who now speak a common language and are true partners. We’ve already seen the difference in attitude/enthusiasm, involvement, focus, and organization in our district and among ourselves. We are accountable to each other and our plan. We are not so overwhelmed because everyone does his/her part and art doesn’t get “put on the back burner”. Our district has been “put on the map” as one of Arts Empower “firsts”. We now have a dedicated art room, a VAPA class as a middle school elective, and assigned art docents in all K-8 classrooms.We have planned 3 major fund-raising opportunities for this school year and we have added an Art Day and an Art Night to the calendar. 
    SPU Vision Statement- 
    SPUSD will cultivate an environment of innovative thinking, problem solving, and creative expression that will empower and prepare our students for success throughout their lives. 
    Strategic Arts Plan Progress- 
    The Red Barn Arts committee will implement the district strategic arts education plan in the following areas:
    • Curriculum
    • Professional Development
    • Staffing
    • Equipment and Supplies
    • Partnerships
    • Funding

    *Red Barn Arts committee will meet once a month to insure that our goals are progressing and being accomplished