Middle School Math Instructional Team

    Mrs. Lindsay Buck
    K-8th Math Coordinator
    Middle School Math Instructor
    (760) 745-4931
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    Twitter/Instagram: MrsBucksMath​  
    Degrees- Point Loma Nazarene University; BA in Liberal Studies, MA in Education

    Credential- Multiple Subject​ Teaching

    Certifications- Mathematics, CLAD, CGI trained, GLAD strategies, GATE 

    Teaching History- 13 years teaching; 3rd year at SPU.  Experience teaching elementary and middle school​.

    Classroom College Focus/Adoption- Point Loma Nazarene University​

    Teaching Mission & Vision

    I love Nelson Mandela's quote about education being the most powerful weapon in the world.  I teach my students that hard work pays off; maybe not this minute, maybe not today, but someday it will.  I believe that when presented with the right opportunities and equipped with the right tools, everyone can succeed at anything they want to.  This is the desire and confidence I hope to impart to the students I work with.  
    I believe there are too many students and adults who lack confidence in math.  I believe that anyone can be successful in math and those who say, "I'm not a math person," are wrong.  Of course we all have natural strengths and abilities, but I believe that strengths and abilities can be developed, including those relating to math.  I wasn't one of the "top" math students growing up, but with hard work, the right teachers, and the right mindset, I have become an expert in math instruction. 
    In teaching students, I realized that many teachers have little confidence in their own abilities surrounding math and if I want to make a difference in math education, I need to impact teachers, not just students.  This realization led me to take a more active role in coaching and mentoring teachers in the area of mathematics.

    Mrs. Allyson Thompson
    Middle School Math Instructor
    (760) 745-4931
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    twitter: @_mathompson_
    Instagram: @mssx06
    Degrees- Associates in General Studies with an emphasis in Math and Science, Associates in Liberal Arts (Palomar Community College/Mira Costa Community College) Bachelors in Liberal Studies with an Emphasis in Linear Equations (California State University San Marcos)

    Credential- Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

    Certifications- CLAD, Subject Matter Authorization in Mathematics, GATE

    Teaching History- Student Teacher (Oceanside Unified & Carlsbad Unified School Districts), AVID Tutor (Aviara Oaks Middle School (Carlsbad Unified School District), Substitute Teacher (North County School Districts), 3rd grade (Logan Heights K-8, San Diego Unified School District), 6th-8th Grade Math- 2 years (SPU)

    Classroom College Focus/Adoption- Cal State San Marcos (CSUSM)

    Teaching Mission & Vision


    Ms. Jenny Lynch
    Middle School Math Instructor
    (760) 745-4931
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    Twitter: @lynchknowsmath; Instagram: @lynch_knows_math   
    Degrees- Bachelors in English Literatures, minor in biology (UC San Diego, Masters in English(University of Notre Dame),  Master of Pacific and International Affairs with an emphasis in International Development and Nonprofit Management (UC San Diego, School of International Relations and Pacific Studies)

    Credential-  Single Subject Credential in English, Supplementary Authorizations in Biology, Economics, Comparative Political Systems and International Relations, and Introductory Mathematics

    Certifications- Praxis/Single Subject Assessment for Teachers (S.S.A.T); California Basic Education Skills Test (C.B.E.S.T); Crosscultural, Language, and Academic Development (CLAD);  Automated External Defibrillator (A.E.D.)/ Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (C.P.R.)

    Teaching History- Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme- 2 years (Shimane, Japan), MiraCosta College- 7 years, UCSD/Mesa College- 2 years; Kaplan Test Prep, Pre-College and Grad Division- 9 years

    Classroom College Focus/Adoption- ​ UC San Diego    

    Teaching Mission & Vision

    I strive to ensure that EVERY student recognizes his or her potential.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing students who doubt their abilities in math realize that they really do have the knowledge and capability to succeed.
    Students will have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to pursue their academic and professional goals, whatever they may be.