• 3rd Grade Instructional Team


    Ms. Marcia Kelly
    3rd Grade Instructor



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    Degrees- Bachelors (Ithaca College), Masters in Education (National University)

    Credential- Multiple Subject Teaching Credential (National University)

    Certifications-  CLAD

    Teaching History- 3 years (Escondido Christian), 20 years (SPU)

    Classroom College Focus/Adoption- University of Florida Gators


    Teaching Mission & Vision


    Teaching is my passion and well worth doing!  I have been in the profession since 1992 and find that each year I grow along with my students.  I have created a classroom environment that will hopefully inspire, encourage, and challenge students to discover their strengths and grow as individuals.  I will care for your child each day and partner with you as we celebrate their accomplishments.
    I am dedicated to providing each student with the skills to help design their future success.

    Mrs. Dawn Lenhof 
    3rd Grade Instructor
    (760) 745-4931
    SPU 3rd Grade Website
    Degrees-  Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies (University of San Diego), Master of Arts Teaching Degree in progress (San Diego State University)

    Credential- Multiple Subject Teaching Credential (University of San Diego)

    Certifications-  English Learner Authorization, CLAD, NCLB

    Teaching History- 5th grade- 2 years, 3rd grade- 2 years (SPU)

    Classroom College Focus/Adoption- 
    University of San Diego

    Teaching Mission & Vision

    My mission is to create an environment of trust and respect where every child can learn and be challenged at their own level. It’s my goal to help each of my students reach their fullest potential.

    Through partnering with parents, school employees, and the community, my vision is to help every child grow academically, socially, and emotionally. I seek to create an environment that actively engages students, and challenges them to be life-long learners. 


    Mrs. Jen Michalski
    2nd/3rd Grade Instructor
    (760) 745-4931
    SPU 3rd Grade Website
    Degrees-  Bachelors in Education, Masters in Elementary Education (University of Connecticut)

    Credential- Multiple Subject Teaching Credential 

    Certifications-  CLAD, NCLB

    Teaching History- 3rd Grade- 1 year/2nd Grade- 6 years (SPU), 2nd Grade- 1 year ( Lieder Elementary School, Houston, TX)

    Classroom College Focus/Adoption- University of Connecticut

    Teaching Mission & Vision

    It is my mission as a teacher that every student leaves my classroom with a love of learning, having met or exceeded all district benchmarks, and understands that it is effort, perseverance and resiliency that will lead to success throughout life.

    To prepare for our rapidly changing world, it is my vision that all of my students will become goal oriented individuals equipped with critical thinking skills who are grounded with core values of respect, honesty, and compassion for others.