San Pasqual Union School District Board 2018-2019 Goals

  • GOAL 1:   Ensure Long-Term Fiscal and Legal Integrity of the District

    • Budget effectively and maintain reserves for economic uncertainties


    GOAL 2:   Safe, Clean, and Well-Maintained School Facility and Campus

    • Focus on preventative maintenance and grounds management
    • Create a positive school climate where students feel safe, connected, and enthusiastic about learning


    GOAL 3:   Highly qualified, skilled, professional and flexible staff

    • Teacher assignments will promote excellence
    • Staff will model respect, trust, and collaboration


    GOAL 4:   Broad-based K-8 California State Standard curriculum to promote academic achievement for all

    • Create and implement instructional strategies that ensure academic progress that demonstrate conceptual understanding and high levels of learning in all content areas (Literacy, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, The Arts, Physical Education)
    • Use of assessment data to measure student growth, guide instruction, and develop targeted interventions/enrichments
    • FIT instruction for intervention and enrichment with a focus on unduplicated students (ELs, Foster Youth, Socio Economic, and Special Education)


    GOAL 5:   Technology-Rich Learning Environment for the 21st Century Learner  

    • District technology plan to focus on updates for technology software, equipment, and infrastructure
    • Effective student and teacher use of technology


    GOAL 6:   Family and Community Partners in Education

    • Maintain effective two-way communication and engagement with families
    • Develop and engage in partnerships with community organizations