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VAPA Performance
VAPA Holiday Performance
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SPU Performing Arts


    Program Purpose/Focus

    SPU Performing Arts/Music Program provides:

    1. Opportunities for students to express themselves through music, drama and dance in grades TK-8
    2. Fosters capabilities to think creatively and to make connections
    3. Develops aesthetic awareness and attentive listening
    4. Helps students develop as individuals
    5. Promotes self-confidence and self-esteem
    6. Makes connections with other core subjects to promote connected learning and deepen understanding


     SPU Performing Arts/Music Program will provide equal access to quality standards-based music instruction to students in grades K-8. Dance, theater and visual arts will be used to provide connections and enrich the program. 


     SPU Performing Arts/Music Program will develop students into lifetime consumers of the performing arts including music, theater, and dance. Students will develop historic and cultural understanding of the performing arts, and the ability to use the arts as a tool of self-expression expression, creativity and empowerment.

    Community Connections/Partnerships/Sponsors-

    SPU Performing Arts/Music Program is sponsored by generous donations from SPU Foundation. Partnerships: San Diego Arts Network, Arts Empower, AERO, California Center for the Arts, Escondido, The Southern California Arts Project

    District VAPA Coordinator/Performing Arts Contact: Kim Read-Smith