• To Families and San Pasqual Union Community:

    It is with enthusiasm that I welcome you to another great year at San Pasqual Union School. I am honored to be a part of this close-knit school family with values near and dear to my heart.We finished off last year strong with a significant gains in our state test scores while maintaining valued extra-curricular programs. We are confident this ascending trend will continue this year. 

    As the assistant principal, social and emotional affairs are at the forefront of my work as well as maintaining a safe and orderly campus.  I strive for all students to be treated with respect and dignity and to feel included as part of the school community. Training in trauma informed practice and my personal connection to students in foster homes has been formative in how I approach all students and their needs. I place importance on cultivating relationships and maintain visibility by greeting students and families each morning, build rapport while monitoring recess, and wish students well as they leave school each day.

    I bring a wealth of experience acquired over 25 years with about half of my background as an educator in the elementary school setting and the other half as a secondary math and science teacher. I started my teaching career at a time when mastery learning, integrated units, and problem-based learning were prominent. We have certainly come full circle and are returning to those values in a new era of competency-based, innovative, and personalized learning. My background includes teaching in both suburban and urban settings, public and charter, as well as magnet and Title 1. I have had the pleasure of coaching math teachers as a middle school and high school resource teacher in addition to having served as director of a math learning center.  It is with this experience that I am able to work closely with Mr. Burroughs and the leadership team as we narrow our school’s focus on Teacher Clarity, Cooperative Learning, and Personalized Instruction. 

    I am privileged to be a member of the San Pasqual Union team.

     Tammy Lee

    Assistant Principal

    San Pasqual Union School