• Independent Study Options

    Short-Term Independent Study
    If a student is pre-planning an absence of three or more consecutive days, the student may be eligible for an Independent Study Contract.  Contracts are available through the Attendance Office and must be signed by both a parent and the student at least one week before the student’s absence begins.  Special consideration is granted for emergencies and illness.  Students may receive both academic and attendance credit for assignments completed and returned under an independent study contract.  

    Long-Term Independent Study
    Assembly Bill 130 requires Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to offer an Independent Study option to students whose health or whose families' health would be put at risk by in-person instruction.  Districts have different options available in order to satisfy this mandate, including an interdistrict attendance agreement with another district(s), contracting with the County Office of Education, and a waiver process.  The San Pasqual Union School District does not offer long-term independent study.  Rather, the District has agreements with the Escondido Union School District and the San Diego County Office of Education to provide such services.