San Pasqual Mission, Vision and Values

  • Mission
    San Pasqual Union School ensures all children receive an education that builds character, confidence, knowledge, and skills to prepare them to be competent life-long learners who can achieve individual excellence. 

    San Pasqual Union School is committed to improving the academic achievement, responsibility, and accountability of all students by establishing high academic and social expectations.   Students, staff, and community work collaboratively to achieve common goals.  Our school provides a safe environment that inspires enthusiasm, passion, and dedication. San Pasqual Union School upholds high character expectations as a cornerstone to both academic achievement and future success.

    Visionary Leadership/Teaching:  San Pasqual Union leads and teaches with passion, imagination, and inspiration every day to create connections, strategies, and methods that will stimulate innovation, build knowledge, and achieve excellence.

    Data-Driven, Learning-Centered Education:  SPU students are our focus and shared responsibility. High expectations lead to learning by all in an environment that is personalized, active, and meaningful.  We make decisions using reliable and relevant data to drive instruction to address the needs and expectations of all.

    Valuing Community, Faculty, Staff, Parents, Guardians, and Students:  All San Pasqual Union stakeholders will be treated in an equal, fair, firm, and consistent manner as we promote, celebrate, and reward the accomplishments of those who make positive contributions to the school system.

    Social Responsibility:  San Pasqual Union staff make a commitment to each other and work collaboratively. We are ethical, professional, and both fiscally and personally accountable to all stakeholders. We communicate effectively.