• San Pasqual Union School

    Shouts of "Saints Soar!" exemplify the dynamic collaboration of strong leadership, community partnership, student achievement, and inspired teaching.  San Pasqual Union School reflects all that is best in Escondido's past, present, and promise.  Nestled in the San Pasqual Valley, the architecture of the facility hearkens to a time when community members were summoned to the barn for celebrations and festivities.  SPU provides a setting for interactive educational programs, assemblies and school/community events.  Our 'farm-like' setting celebrates our California heritage and inspires the SPU staff to foster a well-rounded, well-planned, healthy and positive learning environment.  San Pasqual Union School was designed to meet the needs of a growing and thriving community. 

    Our school is rich with a library that has a fireplace, a reading silo, and over 14,000 books!  At the heart of our campus is our red barn that hosts celebrations, athletic events, drama productions, and music programs.  San Pasqual's modern facilities include a science lab, art room, and garden. Our grounds are spacious and our campus has separate areas for our elementary and middle school students. 

    San Pasqual Union School strives to build long-term relationships between our school and families.  Together, we are committed to providing a nurturing, inspiring, and rigorous educational program for all students.  As we embrace the new Common Core Standards, our teachers are working collaboratively to develop curriculum to engage students in critical thinking.  We continue to be committed to the development of strong self-esteem and physical fitness.  We understand the need for technology playing a greater role in our future.  Our focus is to empower students with technology and put them in touch with 21st century skills.   Through the combined efforts of parents, teachers, staff, and the San Pasqual Community, every child can experience academic success and an assortment of enrichment activities and experiences that will help them realize their full potential.

    We are a PLC at SP!  San Pasqual Union School operates as a Professional Learning Community (PLC).  We are on a journey that is "an ongoing process in which educators work collaboratively in recurring cycles of collective inquiry and action research to achieve better results for the students they serve."  As a PLC, our faculty and administration adhere to the following tenets:  1) A focus on learning, 2) A collaborative culture with a focus on learning for all, 3) Collective inquiry into best practice and current reality, 4) Action Orientation - learning by doing, 5) A commitment to continuous improvement, and 6) results orientation.  Teachers at SPU are being trained in these elements of a high-functioning PLC and are granted time during Thursday minimum days to collaborate with teammates in order to plan for both individual and collective academic achievement.  Our motto at SPU is TEAM work ~ Together Everyone Achieves More.

    All SPUSD students and staff are encouraged to S.O.A.R. ~ Self-Control, On-task, Acceptance, Respect.  Consistent with having our saints SOAR, we believe in building people of character.  Six core ethical values form the foundation of our efforts to teach children how to be people of character today and throughout their life.  Students are taught these values daily ~ trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.  Students who exemplify these traits are honored throughout the year.