Elementary Physical Education (TK-5th Grade)


    Elementary Physical Education Monthly Newsletters

    Program Purpose/Focus-
    The SPU Elementary School Physical Education Program provides SPARK P.E. experiences and education 
    highlighting state standards, core curricula and networking with local athletics organizations in the county. SPARK is Sports, Play, And Recreation for Kids. It is a highly active Physical Education program that provides students with activities to strengthen skills and build stamina.  Students learn and play with hula hoops, jump ropes, beanbags, and balls of different sizes and textures to improve hand-eye coordination, throwing, catching, dribbling, trapping, and more. The program includes fun games and exercises, such as juggling, stretching, balancing, dancing, and parachute games. 
    The SPU Elementary School Physical Education Program strives to foster environmental and behavioral change by providing evidence-based curriculum and content-matched equipment. Through the SPARK P.E.'s skills-based method of teaching physical education, children are taught the mechanics and proper technique for throwing, catching, kicking, etc.  By placing the competitive aspect of sport in context, children are freed up to enjoy the pleasure that comes from mastering a physical skill.
    The SPU Elementary School Physical Education Program transforms communities one student at a time. We empower students to establish healthy life choices, discuss critical health issues, and build bridges of connection and understanding. Through physical education, we provide participants with the inspiration and tools to develop and maintain a healthy future.
    Program History-
    The SPU Elementary School Physical Education Program was adopted in 2015. 
    Program Events-
    Daily TK-5th Physical Education Classes & Monthly Class Competitions
    Community Connections/Partnerships/Sponsors-
    The SPU Elementary School Physical Education Program is sponsored by generous donations from SPU
    parents, students and staff. The following organizations and businesses also
    donate to support the program- the SPU PTA, the SPU foundation.
    Program Director-

    Currie Webster- TK-5th P.E. Teacher

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    Currie Webster