• Degrees- Point Loma Nazarene University; BA in Liberal Studies, MA in Education
    Credential- Multiple Subject​ Teaching
    Certifications- Mathematics, CLAD, CGI trained, GLAD strategies, GATE
    Teaching History- 13 years teaching; 3rd year at SPU.  Experience teaching elementary and middle school​.
    Classroom College Focus/Adoption- Point Loma Nazarene University​

Teaching Mission & Vision

  • I love Nelson Mandela's quote about education being the most powerful weapon in the world.  I teach my students that hard work pays off; maybe not this minute, maybe not today, but someday it will.  I believe that when presented with the right opportunities and equipped with the right tools, everyone can succeed at anything they want to.  This is the desire and confidence I hope to impart to the students I work with.  
    I believe there are too many students and adults who lack confidence in math.  I believe that anyone can be successful in math and those who say, "I'm not a math person," are wrong.  Of course we all have natural strengths and abilities, but I believe that strengths and abilities can be developed, including those relating to math.  I wasn't one of the "top" math students growing up, but with hard work, the right teachers, and the right mindset, I have become an expert in math instruction. 
    In teaching students, I realized that many teachers have little confidence in their own abilities surrounding math and if I want to make a difference in math education, I need to impact teachers, not just students.  This realization led me to take a more active role in coaching and mentoring teachers in the area of mathematics.
  • Instagram: @MrsBucksMath