• Degrees- Bachelor of Arts (Westmont College)
    Credentials- Multiple Subject Teaching Credential (Westmont College), Single Subject Foreign Language (Spanish)
    Certifications- BCLAD certificate (Bilingual, Crosscultural, Language & Academic Development)
    Teaching History- 1st grade- 1 year (International School, Tegucigalpa, Honduras), Outdoor Learning Experience- 2 years (Forest Home, Forest Falls), 1st/ 3rd grade- 8 years (Valley Center Elementary, VCPUSD), 3rd/ 4th grade- 10 years, (Lilac School, VCPUSD), K-5 ELD, 7th/ 8th grade Spanish (SPU)
    Classroom College Focus/Adoption- ​Westmont College (Santa Barbara)
  • I love teaching Spanish because speaking a second language is fun, and it’s increasingly important as we seek to develop global citizens who can communicate with others and have cultural sensitivity and compassion. My educational passion is to help English Learners and their families become proficient in English, value and nurture their native language, and adjust well to the American school system so that they have the best chance for success. 

    My hope is that our students will be prepared to be successful in the global community, communicating well in English and Spanish (or another language), doing their personal best, and living lives that demonstrate compassion and service towards others.