SPU Athletics

    SPU Athletics

    Program Purpose/Focus
    Our athletic program and facilities support the community's range of interests and needs by offering a variety of interscholastic sports. SPU Athletics helps to build school spirit and the well being of the entire student body. In Middle School, students have the opportunity to join boys, girls, and co-ed interscholastic sports teams, and compete against other schools. The coaching and teaching of the Middle School interscholastic sports program encourages and develops student-athletes who may wish to pursue athletics at the high school level.
    The health and welfare of our student-athletes is our primary concern. Efficient teamwork, good citizenship, and academic achievement are expectations of all our student-athletes.
    Our goal is to promote sportsmanship, respect, responsibility, and trustworthiness while contributing to physical growth and development.  
    SPU Middle School (After School) Sports Program 

    SPU Cross Country- Boys & Girls (6th-8th Grade), Fall Season
    SPU Flag Football- Boys (7th-8th Grade), Fall/Winter Season & Girls (7th-8th Grade), Winter/Spring Season
    SPU Volleyball- Girls (7th-8th Grade), Fall Season & Boys (7th-8th Grade), Winter/Spring Season
    SPU Basketball- Boys & Girls (7th-8th Grade), Winter/Spring Season
    SPU Soccer- Boys & Girls (7th-8th Grade), Winter/Spring Season 
    SPU Track- Boys & Girls (6th-8th Grade), Spring Season
    2019/20 Participation
    Enrollment: 199 (100 boys, 99 girls)
    Sports Participation: 99 (48 boys, 51 girls)

    Program Coordinators/Contact- 
    Steven Bostrom Jr.