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    Email Address: tim.harmon@sanpasqualunion.net  phone number: 760 504-1062
    6th Grade ELA/World History 
    8th Grade ELA/World History 
    I am looking forward to getting to know all of my students and families.
    Please contact me first if you have any questions, comments or concerns.
    • Forgot Your Social Studies Textbook at School?
    • We have 3 solutions for you:

    #1 Click on the Audio Books links on my welcome page (use Mr. Beeunas' for the seventh grade book)
    Access the Cloud Portal and bring up your Cloud desktop. Click on the link for the Middle School History-SS icon.
    Click on the red icon at the bottom of the opening page. Scroll through the pages and table of contents-You will be able to click on the actual chapters to move your browser to the needed pages! If questions, contact Mr. Harmon via email for help.
    #3 Go to www.ca.hss.glencoe.com and use the following usernames and passwords to access your history books.

    7th grade  username: DSMMCA06   password:  ulhDAkz9
    8th grade username:  DSWWCA06  password:  g1Mm8zd1
    Usernames and Passwords are Cap sensitive so check your upper and lower case letters. Also, the last two characters on the username is the year the book was published. A zero and a six.