Title IX is a comprehensive federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any federally funded education program or activity.  The following information regarding Title IX is provided as per SB1375, signed into law by Governor Brown in 2016, effective July 1, 2017.

    District Title IX Coordinator

    Tammy Lee, Assistant Principal

    760-745-4931 X1105


    The websites/links below provide information, not limited to and including, the Title IX rights of pupils and the public, the responsibilities of the LEA, the list of rights specified in Education Code 221.8, and how to file a complaint under Title IX.


    Filing a Title IX complaint with the district:

    Complaints other than issues relating to pupil fees must be filed in writing with the following designated to receive complaints:

    Tammy Lee, Assistant Principal, San Pasqual Union 15305 Rockwood Rd, Escondido CA 92027

    Complaints alleging discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying, must be filed within six (6) months from the date the alleged discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying, occurred or the date the complainant first obtained knowledge of the facts of the alleged discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying, unless the time for filing is extended by the superintendent or his or her designee.

    Complaints will be investigated and a written decision or report will be sent to the complainant within sixty (60) days from the receipt of the complaint.  This time period may be extended by written agreement of the complainant.  The person responsible for investigating the complaint shall conduct and complete the investigation in accordance with local procedures adopted under section 4621.